bon.jpgThis week's Blessed Blogger is Bon Etabag of Negros Occidental. Bon's blog,, is a witty and thoroughly enjoyable online testimony of this young man's desire to serve God.

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Tell us something about yourself.
My real name is Bon Karis R. Etabag, a native of Negros Occidental. I was born in Bacolod City but lived most of my life in Talisay City until we moved our residence back to Bacolod. I'm the youngest child and only son of Pastor Pete and Grace Etabag. I have an older sister, Peace Etabag, who is also into blogging (specifically photoblogging) making websites. I finished my college education at the University of St. La Salle Bacolod with the degree in BS ECE (Electronics and Communications Engineering). Currently, I am working with my dad in Lifeword Broadcast Ministries as his Technical Assistant. That's helping out with some of our religious radio broadcasts and also our websites.

Why did you set up a blog, and what's behind your blog title?
I started making my own personal website out of curiousity. Geocities' website page builder was the first web-based program that I utilized to create a website from scratch. After a few attempts on improving my personal website, I decided to expirement with Microsoft Frontpage 2000, the program that I saw my sister was using. As my knowledge about web designing developed, my enthusiasm grew as well. I continued experimenting with Frontpage until one time I heard a very strange word from a friend (Donjun a.k.a. koolitz). If my memory serves me right, I remember him telling me to have my own BLOG. I then asked him several questions about it, how it works, and how to acquire one. So that was the time I started to have my own blog. became my first host, my cyber home. Back then, I had no specific blog title. My blog title changed every single month along with my monthly-renewed layouts. Each month, my blog title and layout will change depending on my current mood. However, I decided to have a fix blog title when I got my own paid domain and host. I chose cHiNiTo dot ORG to be my domain name because several people already told me that I look like a chinese even if I'm not. I tried to think of a name for my website but that time, no "cool" names popped-out from my brain. So I decided to go with cHiNiTo dot ORG.

What can people expect to see or read on your blog?
What can you expect from my blog? Hmmm.. Probably nothing! Hehe. I just post anything I like. My posts are usually taken from personal experiences. I make sure I post some pictures every now and then though. Pictures are not just entertaining but also informative. Things for me are best described with pictures!

How do you glorify Christ on your blog?
My blog is not entirely religious but I make it to a point that I include topics about God and the facts about Salvation from time to time. I can't help but feel guilty if I don't share the Gospel in my website, which can be easily accessed by anyone who is spiritually lost. If I have any opinions about religious matters that needs to be discussed or debated, I include it in my blog as well. In such way, I can broadcast it to all of my website guests.
What's the most memorable experience you've had as a blogger?
What's my most memorable experience as a blogger? Well, that's easy! Each time I meet a new fellow Christian Blogger and have a good conversation with them.

What's your favorite Bible verse?
Romans 12:1, "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which is] your reasonable service."

What motivates you to keep your blog going, and how does your being a Christian affect your being a blogger?
My blog is my tool to reach out my friends and anyone who visits my blog. If I continue to my website and include the Gospel in it from time to time, I could fulfill my responsibilities to spread the Word of God to those who are lost. I also gain from this because I am more careful with my testimony now than before. I want to live a life where no one thinks that I am a hypocrite.