The latest on the assembly line of mass-produced (pun intended, folks) commercial items bearing the likeness of the Son of God is a Jesus Loves Porn Stars Bible. This article from Wavy.Com says Pastor Craig Gross (that's his real name, boys and girls) of, who attended an erotica convention and gave out Jesus Loves Porn Stars Bible, published by NavPress, the same folks behind Eugene Peterson's The Message bible, which translates the original Biblical text into more contemporary language.

Other items that have conservatives (and even liberals like us) shaking in indignation include:

2. Jesus Bobbleheads. To some, nothing says "I'm a Christian" like placing a Bobblehead of your Lord and Savior on the dashboard of your '67 Beetle.

3. Jesus Band-aids. The packaging says, "Let the Good Lord heal your wicked wounds with these Jesus bandages."

Our stand: you can tell who are genuinely interested in trying to spread the gospel and testify of His goodness, and who are just trying to make a quick buck off our God. Conservative or not, these three items mock our God, but don't take our word for it. It's just that we like to believe there's a big difference between a wearing a t-shirt proudly, using it as an opportunity to help you reach out to someone and get the ball rolling towards talking about your relationship with Christ, and popping a novelty item onto your car that seems to agree with everything you say. It's short of divination.

"Oh Jesus, should I go to church?" you ask as you drive to church. Jesus Bobblehead shakes head left and right.

"Okay then! It's a sign!" you say, as you veer off EDSA and head instead for the Mall of Asia to watch Superman – not Jesus, the fictional one.