This week’s Blessed Blogger is Jewel Bethel Baritua. Her blog, The Life I Walk With God, is a refreshing attempt to share her experiences and thoughts about her life as she walks it with God. With a sure step and an education from one of the more respected schools in the Philippines, Bethel is undoubtedly one blogger to watch.

Would you like to be featured in Blessed Blogger? If you’re a Filipino, have a relationship with Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, and testify of His goodness in your life on your blog on a regular basis, send an email to and tell us why you would like to be featured.

Tell us something about yourself.
I’m a simple person who loves to read and to learn new things. I enjoy exploring new places even if it’s just around the metropolis. I grew up in the province and love being with nature, seeing the beauty God has created. I love kids and animals and wish to have a pet dog someday. I’m currently a part time faculty in Benilde and also an on-leave law student (just for this school year.:)). I also love singing and dancing.

Why did you set up a blog, and what’s behind your blog title?
Honestly, I was pressured by a friend to set up my own blog site, hehe…but now, I don’t regret setting it up, hehe…, although I don’t update it always.:) My blog site now was updated and while thinkig for the my blog title, I thought what would I want to share and thought that I want to share how God works in my life, so I thought of the title The Life I Walk With God.:)

What can people expect to see or read on your blog?
People can expect to read the realizations and enlightenments that God has showed me, maybe some lyrics that really touched me, some devotional that really touched me, and some things about my family.:)

How do you glorify Christ on your blog?
I hope to glorify God by sharing His word and the changes He’s done in my life.:)

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had as a blogger?
Hmmm…I guess the most memorable experience for me as a blogger will be reading the first comment that I received from a friend who felt encouraged by what I wrote.:)Hi

What’s your favorite Bible verse?
My favorite verse is 2 Corinthian 12:9 “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” This became my life verse when I first became a Christian. It tells me that God will get me through anything and that He will always be with me.:)

What motivates you to keep your blog going, and how does your being a Christian affect your being a blogger?
My desire to share how God is working in my life motivates me to keep my blog going and affects me as well as a blogger. Sometimes, my desire to just share compels me to write something in my blog.:) Of course, there are times when I’m so busy that I sometimes (if not most of the time) forget to update my blog. But then again, I eventually find time to update it.:)