miss_teen_06.jpgLIVEtheLIFE Magazine is very proud to showcase an interview with Miss Teen Philippines 2006 Juliann Savard.

Juliann, a bright-eyed 14-year-old from Central Luzon, bested 39 other young ladies from all over the Philippines to emerge the new Miss Teen Philippines 2006 at the conclusion of the Miss Teen Philippines 2006 pageant held last June 1, 2006 at the University of the Philippines Theater in Diliman, Quezon City.

LIVEtheLIFE: Thank you for making time for us. Miss Teen Philippines. Wow. How does it feel to have a title attached to your name before you even celebrate your debut?
JULIANN SAVARD: It feels awesome! I mean, I have three more years to go before my debut, and yet I’ve already won a national title. It definitely feels overwhelming, but exciting at the same time!

LtL: What was your motivation for joining Miss Teen Philippines?
JS: I was motivated when my mother told me that if I had a chance of winning Ms. Teen Philippines, I wouldn’t only be a teen princess, but I would also be the next Ambassador of the Youth, which for me would be fulfilling one of my lifetime dreams.

julian_savard.jpgLtL: What would you say is your strongest trait?
JS: My strongest trait would be my sense of humor. My classmates refer to me as the class clown because I’m always cracking jokes and slipping in funny comments whenever I can. That’s probably why they’re comfortable being around me, because they know they won’t get bored, and I’m kind of a quirky sort of person to be with.

LtL: Would you call yourself a homebody?
JS: Yes, because I find home more comfortable. I like curling up in our couch or my bed to read and write. I also like spending quality time with my family because they’re a big part of my life. So most of the time we eat dinner, watch T.V. or movies, and play cards together.

LtL: What’s playing in your CD player right now?
JS: Right now, Three Days Grace is playing in my C.D. player.

LtL: What three things can’t you leave home without?
JS: I can’t leave home without my tsinelas (when my feet start to hurt) money, and some food or candy.

final_5_again.jpgLtL: How strong an influence in your life do your parents have?
JS: My parents have a very strong influence on my life. They were the ones who gave me life! They have always supported and helped me in accomplishing my goals. They always encourage me to keep dreaming and to never give up. To always strive for the best and never settle for ok. But no matter what, they always say they are proud of me and show me their full gratitude and appreciation.

LtL: What about God?
JS: God is also a very strong influence in my life. He created me, and blessed me with so many achievements and opportunities. He is the reason why I live, the reason why I am who I am, the reason why I have all of the things that I do, and for that I thank him, and give him my full honor and respect.

LtL: What’s a typical day for you now that you’re Miss Teen Philippines?
JS: I live normal days just like everybody else does. I go to school everyday, on the weekends, I do my assignments, and hang out in my friends’ houses. If I get lucky and my mom’s not busy, I can go to the movies, or concerts, but I have to be with somebody older than me that my mother knows and trusts.

LtL: Do you have any guilty pleasures? Chocolates, ice cream, that kind of thing?
JS: My guilty pleasures consist of chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and banana splits!

LtL: Are you planning ahead for what you intend to do after you turn over the crown in 2007?
JS: Yes I am. I plan to keep studying, but at the same time, I’ll try to stick my foot in the door of showbiz.

LtL: Great! Thank you for your time, Juliann.
JS: You’re welcome! Anytime!