We at LIVEtheLIFE are doing our best to help you in your walk with Christ, which means more meaningful material, no exciting features and interviews, and more great things coming your way in August!

More interviews!
If you’re keeping track with the Contemporary Christian Music scene in the USA, you may have heard a fantastic track called Happy by upcoming CCM star Ayiesha Woods. Well, guess what? We have an exclusive interview with Ayiesha Woods! Praise God! Happy is scheduled for airplay adds on the secular stations here starting August, so it’s perfect timing, really. Happy is now#17 on Radio&Records’ Christian National Airplay chart. [You can listen to it in full on Ayiesha’s MySpace page.
If you scroll down a little lower, you’ll find the only new entry is a track called Our God Reigns by an inspiring young musician named Brandon Heath. Our God Reigns has that anthemic style that’s totally off the hook. Well, we’re proud to tell you that we have an exclusive interview with Brandon too! Isn’t God totally awesome?! Turns out a kababayan of ours played a very important role in his life. More on that in August, we promise! [Swing by Brandon’s MySpage page, too, to hear Our God Reigns!]
If that’s not enough to tickle your tailfeathers, we’re also lining up nice email interviews with other Philippine celebrities and musicians, but since those are still in the works, we’re not announcing anything formal just yet.

If you are a Christian and are doing great things for Jesus, we want to know about it! Send us an email through superblessed at gmail.com, and we’ll see what we can do!

More features!

The body of Christ is doing great things to bring the Good News to people like you, all across the nation. So expect more features on what churches are doing, what youth groups are doing, what musicians and artists are doing, all to bring glory to God’s name. So drop by regularly for a great dose of Christian material to help you in your walk.

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